Prime TV Billboard totally inappropriate

By August 4, 2006 Media Release

Media Release 4 August 2006
Prime TV needs to show more social responsibility with its advertising billboards.

Parents have been horrified to see a large billboard with a large bag of marijuana in Kingsland, Auckland advertising a programme called “Weeds”. 

The plot of a single mum making ends meet by selling marijuana is dodgy enough, but to glorify it with a billboard effectively promoting drug abuse, and exposing it to children on their way to and from school is unacceptable,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First. 

At a time when drug abuse is being linked to violent crime, domestic abuse, and students failing at school, this billboard simply hinders attempts to promote the drug-free message to young people and the community in general. Our young people are receiving mixed messages – they deserve better.” 

Family First encourages the local schools and concerned parents to register a complaint with Prime TV and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). 

It would be even better for Prime to show some social responsibility and remove the billboard,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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