MARIJUANA MYTH – Smoking it doesn’t kill anyone

By October 31, 2013 Recent News

Balloon tragedy report sparks drug testing call 31 Oct 2013
One of the common arguments for decriminalising marijuana is “Nobody has ever died from smoking marijuana.”

Really? Tell that to the 11 victims of the tragic Wairarapa ballooning tragedy

Tour operators must be tested for drugs, families of the victims of the Carterton ballooning tragedy say after a damning report.

The call came as the Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) said it had investigated six incidents in the past 10 years where people had tested positive for performance-impairing substances.

Thirty-five people had died in those accidents. The commission called for more stringent laws around alcohol and drugs in the transport sector.

Under the influence of cannabis, balloon pilot Lance Hopping showed poor judgement and made poor decisions which contributed to 11 people dying in the Wairarapa ballooning tragedy, a report released today said.

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