No plans to decriminalise cannabis: Labour

By January 27, 2014 Recent News

Otago Daily Times 28 January 2014
Labour has no intention of backing potential coalition partner the Greens’ policy of decriminalising cannabis, leader David Cunliffe says.

Decriminalisation of the drug has been a Greens policy for years but the party has avoided making it a high-profile issue for some time.

With Labour’s recent clarification of its cautious support for deep sea oil drilling emerging as a potential stumbling block for any post-election talks with the Greens, Mr Cunliffe has been asked about his party’s stance on cannabis law reform as another potential difficult topic for the two parties.

“People can put on the table what they want to put on the table”, he said yesterday.

“Labour’s policy is not to decriminalise cannabis. That is not our intention.”


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