Fewer workers stoned on the job

By March 24, 2014 Recent News

NZ Herald 14 March 2014
Fewer workers are being caught on drugs, despite workplace testing becoming more prevalent, latest figures show.

Information from the New Zealand Drug Detection Agency showed 81,410 on-site drug-screening tests were carried out last year, 16 per cent up from the previous year.

But only 5.5 per cent of tests showed the presence of drugs, down from 6.4 per cent in 2013.

An industry breakdown showed construction workers had the highest number of positive results – 14 per cent of almost 11,700 tests.
Drugs in the workplace
* 2012 Carterton balloon tragedy: 11 people were killed when the balloon caught fire and crashed after hitting power lines. Test results showed the pilot had likely smoked cannabis before the flight. An investigation concluded cannabis impairment could not be excluded as the cause of his errors of judgement

*2010 Fox Glacier skydiving crash: Nine people were killed after the unbalanced and overloaded skydiving plane they were in crashed and burst into flames near the Fox Glacier airstrip. Both pilots had cannabis in their system but a coroner found this would not have contributed to the outcome.

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