Dope users turn to ‘dial-a-tinny’

By April 1, 2014 Recent News

NZ Herald 2 April 2014
Drug dealers are increasingly providing home deliveries in response to text orders in a system known as “dial-a-tinny”.

A Massey University survey of 330 frequent illegal drug users found 25 users who mentioned text-and-deliver as a new trend that worked well “to avoid being seen by cops”.

It also found a handful of drug dealers selling drugs through Facebook and other social networking sites.

Two people had even used “bitcoins” as “non-traceable dollars” to buy drugs online.

Researcher Dr Chris Wilkins said the trend was no surprise because the Kiwi drug market had always operated mainly among friends rather than through big dealers.

“It’s a bit like selling Avon versus through Farmers,” he said. “If you have Avon you have people selling on to other people, and that is what has made the illegal drug market so resilient – you take out one person and they might only have three customers.”

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