The politics of pot

By April 21, 2014 Recent News 19 April 2014
Questions about cannabis law reform are again being posed, with a survey revealing that most users would not use more if the drug became legal.

The Global Drug Survey, conducted in partnership with Fairfax Media, shows that we are a nation of cannabis smokers, with more than a third of the almost 6000 respondents having used it in the past year.

Respondents were also asked about their attitude towards legalising drugs, and how their behaviour would change if the law was amended.

More than 50 per cent said they would not drink more or use more drugs if small amounts of cannabis were made legal, while 20 per cent also said they would be happier about disclosing their use.  A quarter said they would be more comfortable seeking help for a drug problem.

Almost 30 per cent of cannabis users said they wanted to use less.

Several countries have recently moved to reform their cannabis laws, with Uruguay legalising the drug. The state of Colorado in the United States has made it legal to grow, possess and consume cannabis in private.

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