Fast Fire on Cannabis: Who’s for legalisation?

By August 26, 2014 Recent News

NZ Herald 26 August 2014
A new survey shows that an emphatic majority of voters want to partially or fully legalise cannabis, but there is little appetite for change among most political parties.

In the latest Herald-Digipoll, almost 80 per cent of those polled wanted cannabis to be at least partially legalised; 63 per cent wanted it legal for medicinal use, while 16 per cent wanted it completely legal.

Almost one in five – 19 per cent – wanted cannabis to remain illegal, which it currently is.

In the Herald’s Fast Fire series about decriminalisation of cannabis, most leaders were against it.

John Key, David Cunliffe, Peter Dunne, and Colin Craig were all opposed, though Mr Cunliffe added that it would be a conscience issue, and Mr Dunne said over time he could see a regulatory regime similar to the one for psychoactive substances.

Mr Key said: “Even though I know lots of people use cannabis, in my view encouraging drug use is a step in the wrong direction for New Zealand.”

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