Demolishing 15 key arguments for the downgrading of cannabis laws

By September 14, 2014 Recent News, Research

The Christian Institute (UK)

  1. “Cannabis use is so common that the current laws are unworkable”
  2. “Cannabis is a harmless drug. There is no need to outlaw it.”
  3. “Taking cannabis is a victimless crime. Using the law is unjustified.”
  4. “Cannabis is not a gateway drug”
  5. “Locking up cannabis users who are actually dependent on it is cruel and harsh. We should be giving them medical help, not criminalising them.”
  6. “Cannabis is nothing like as dangerous as tobacco or alcohol yet they are legal and cannabis is not.”
  7. “Criminalising cannabis is draconian and causes more harm than good.”
  8. “It is wrong to criminalise people who use cannabis for medical reasons.”
  9. “Legalising cannabis would eradicate the black market and the associated crime and so enable the Government to regulate the supply of cannabis.”
  10. “Under the current law young people who want cannabis have to go to dealers. This brings them into contact with suppliers of harder drugs. Legalisation would break this link.”
  11. “Our current drugs laws are simply not working. Young people need to be told about the risks of drugs and then left to make their own choices.”
  12. “The prohibition of cannabis actually encourages drug taking because the thrill of illegality attracts young people.”
  13. “Legalising cannabis would release the police to deal with more serious crimes and it would free up the courts and prisons. It would concentrate resources on the ‘real’ problem of hard drug dealers.”
  14. “The law is out of touch with public opinion. Most people are in favour of legalising cannabis.”
  15. “The use of cannabis has always been just as widespread as it is today. Even Queen Victoria used it.”