Marijuana meddle: UN official rips US states over legal pot policies

By November 13, 2014 Recent News

Fox News 13 November 2014
A Russian diplomat who heads the United Nations’ drug policy office reportedly chided U.S. states for legalizing recreational marijuana and vowed to take up his concerns with officials in Washington — in the latest incident of a U.N. official meddling in local U.S. affairs.

In response, one American advocacy group suggested the U.N. agency has no authority here, and has outlived its usefulness.

Yury Fedotov, director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, addressed the ballot measures on Wednesday, on the heels of last week’s midterm elections. Last Tuesday, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., voters approved measures allowing marijuana use – following the pot path blazed by Colorado and Washington state.

But according to Reuters, Fedotov told reporters that the moves defy international drug “conventions.”

“I don’t see how [the laws] can be compatible with existing conventions,” he reportedly said, claiming he would take it up with State Department and U.N. officials next week.