ACT medical cannabis proposal flawed: ANU student

By April 5, 2015 Recent News

Australian National University 2 April 2015
A medicinal cannabis scheme proposed by ACT Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury does not have a viable legal framework, and for any such policy to go ahead, the ACT Government should cultivate and sell the drug themselves.

These are the recommendations given to an ACT Legislative Assembly inquiry by ANU law student Nicholas Christodoulou, who has exposed a number of international and domestic legal barriers to the proposed scheme.

“I just wanted to provide an alternate model, one that adheres to all the legal obligations,” Christodoulou said.

When Christodoulou completed a university paper on the legal barriers of medicinal cannabis use in the ACT, the fifth-year student never expected it would help lead government level policy debate.

Christodoulou was encouraged by ANU law Professor Simon Rice to turn the paper into a submission to the ACT inquiry into the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

The Inquiry took note of Christodoulou’s paper and asked him to speak at a public hearing on the issue. He has also been asked to provide a second submission looking into the legal framework of importing cannabis from NSW.