Colorado’s New Attorney General: Pot Legalization ‘Not Worth It’

By April 20, 2015 Recent News

US News 23 February 2015
The lawyer charged with defending Colorado’s marijuana legalization laws denounced them Monday.

“It’s not worth it,” Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman told dozens of fellow state attorneys general at a conference in the nation’s capital, ​referring to $76 million in taxes and fees collected from pot sales last year.

The recently inaugurated Republican rebuked legalization advocates’ long-standing argument that regulating sales will eliminate the black market for marijuana and associated criminal activity.

“Don’t buy that argument,” she told her peers. “The criminals are still selling on the black market. … We have plenty of cartel activity in Colorado [and] plenty of illegal activity that has not decreased at all.”

Coffman added that some purportedly above-board marijuana growers have exceeded allowable limits and sell marijuana in somewhat of a gray market.