Cannabis-smoking teenager, 18, stepped in front of train (UK)

By May 20, 2015 Recent News

MailOnline 20 May 2015
A tragic teenager who smoked cannabis daily left a series of suicide ‘note’ videos on his mobile phone to family and friends before he walked in front of a train.

Troubled Luke Dadds, 18, left his PIN number on a note with instructions on accessing his final tearful messages and left them under his duvet.

They were found by his father Kevin who played just ten seconds of the heartbreaking footage before hearing sirens in the distance near the family’s South Gloucestershire home.

He dashed frantically looking for Luke but he was found dead on a nearby railway track with his passport lying on the ground.

An inquest heard how he had been prescribed anti-depressants after telling a GP he had a recurring dream about his own funeral.

The night before his death on January 6 he watched football with his dad before going to bed with the unusual last words: ‘Night pa – see you up there’.

The next day the teenager, a personal shopper with Tesco, told his mum Suzanne, 42, he loved her before leaving at around 5.45am, dressed for work.

But soon afterwards his dad found his phone in his bed with the instructions on how to see the video messages which were left for his mum, dad, sister and friends.

An hour later Luke, a former trainee plumber, stepped in front of a train and was killed instantly.

Mr Dadds, 44, told the inquest in a statement he watched just ten seconds of the heartbreaking footage before frantically trying to find his son.

He said: ‘There were videos of him in tears. I watched about ten seconds to realise it was serious.’

He phoned his wife and his son’s workplace and discovered he had not turned up to work, and added: ‘As I was on the phone we could hear the sirens in the distance.’

His distraught parents told the inquest at Flax Bourton, Somerset, that Luke started having problems with cannabis when he was aged 16.

Luke quit his plumbing course at a local college and took up the job with Tesco but they said his smoking increased to everyday.