Teen receiving medicinal cannabis treatment dies

By July 1, 2015 Recent News

OneNews 1 July 2015
A Nelson teenager who was granted special dispensation to use medical cannabis has passed away this evening.

Alex Renton was taken off life support and was breathing on his own at the end of last week, with things looking promising.

Tonight, his family posted on a Facebook page  dedicated to his journey, notifying the thousands of people following his progress of his death.

“This evening our beautiful warrior Alex passed peacefully away.

“He was surrounded by his family, listening to his own music with a tummy of mums food.

“We thank you all from our hearts as you kept us strong during this journey. His spirit is amongst us all as he taught us so very much. We love you dear Alex (aka Ratty) xxxxxxx.”

For two weeks, Alex Renton has been receiving cannabis oil treatment Elixinol, brought in from the United States with special government approval.