Cannabis oil given to Alex Renton before Government approval

By July 20, 2015 Recent News

Stuff 20 July 2015
The mother of Alex Renton has admitted she gave her son medicinal cannabis weeks before it was approved by the Government.

Rose Renton told TV3’s 3D on Sunday that she secretly administered Elixinol to her 19-year-old son in the Intensive Care Unit at Wellington, after she was sent it from another parent.

“Yeah, I gave it to him,” she said.

“When no-one was around, I’d put it down the back of his mouth with a syringe. A mother would do anything.”

Alex Renton died on July 1 after being in Wellington Hospital for three months, sedated with a range of drugs to stop him having mysterious seizures.

Meanwhile, Wellington hospital told 3D the oil was of no value.

“At no stage did we observe any meaningful improvement in Alex’s clinical state after starting the CBD oil.”

Rose Renton believed the hospital had no idea she was giving the drug to her son – until now.

Renton case doesn’t create cannabis precedent – Dunne 
3 News 20 July 2015
Legalisation of cannabis won’t happen under the current government, despite it allowing the one-off use of cannabinoid oil for Nelson teenager Alex Renton, the Associate Health Minister says.

While the Government allowed the use of Elixinol, a medical product made of hemp oil, to treat Nelson teenager Alex Renton, Peter Dunne says it changes nothing regarding the legalisation of cannabis.

Permission was allowed for Renton to have the product, which is illegal in New Zealand but available in the US, after an application was made to him by his family.

However, it was revealed on TV3’s 3D programme last night his mother Rose had been giving it to her son three weeks before permission was granted.

“When no one was around I’d put it down the back of his mouth with a syringe. A mother would do anything,” she said.

Mr Dunne says while he believed her actions were “unfortunate and unwise”, he understood her reasons for doing so.—dunne-2015072012#axzz3gOeJazvj

‘Possibility of harm’ from cannabidiol – DHB
Radio NZ News 20 July 2015
The Capital and Coast District Health Board says there was a possibility of harm to Alex Renton after cannabidiol was administered to him by his mother without doctors’ knowledge.

Rose Renton told TV3 programme 3rd Degree she gave her 19-year-old son some Elixinol oil sent to her by a mother elsewhere in the country while he was in intensive care, and before it had been given the official sign-off.

The teenager was given permission to receive the product while in an induced coma in Wellington Hospital.

He was suffering from status epilepticus – an acute, prolonged epileptic seizure – and, despite the treatment, died earlier this month.

The DHB said staff were aware that Rose Renton had applied cannabidiol products to Alex’s skin and she agreed to stop when asked about this.

However, staff were not aware that she subsequently administered her own cannabidiol oil to Alex orally via a syringe in his mouth or nasogastric tube.’possibility-of-harm’-from-cannabidiol-dhb