The great weed experiment

By July 26, 2015 Recent News

Stuff 25 July 2015 
In recent months the debate around medical marijuana has come to the fore with anecdotal evidence suggesting it should be legalised but what is the actual science behind it? Charles Anderson reports.

The second bathroom drawer down is a pile of painkillers. There are packets and boxes. There is neurontin, a nerve pain medicine, that in the words of its owner “doesn’t work”. There is morphine and tramadol, that “don’t work”.

There are hundreds of different products that have been trialled and tested, made legal and brought to the pharmaceutical market on the back of clear evidential success.

“None of which work as well as my medical pot.”

In the past this man, who lives in Nelson, has a family and a business, would have been happy to share his story openly but he is in the process of looking for another job and he says public perception can be damming.

He suffers from severe pain – the result of a diagnosis of ulstoritic colitis, where the immune system attacks the large intestine, and several accidents that broke both his legs and back.

“I have had seven different operations and because of that I’m in a lot of pain.”