Cannabis protesters light up at Parliament

By August 14, 2015 Recent News

NZ Herald 12 August 2015
A group outside Parliament have lit-up joints in a call for cannabis to be legalised and in protest at the recent jailing of a Kaikohe woman.

Watched by security, the small group of protesters passed around several joints filled with a legal herbal mixture at 4.20pm, with smoke wafting up towards the ninth floor.

The weekly 420 protests had been held outside the Supreme Court but today moved to Parliament’s lawn.

Cannabis Party spokesman Alistair Gregory had said acts of civil disobedience were “likely”, but in the end protesters opted for the herbal mixture.

He said he wanted cannabis legalised for medicinal use as a first step, and also for recreational use to be legalised.

“We’re here…to show everyone that it is an unjust law and we need to change.”
Media and bystanders nearly outnumbered the protesters at one point, with tourists showing more interest than former Deputy Prime Minister Sir Michael Cullen, who walked quickly into Parliament to shouts of, “Happy 420”.