Growing Like a Weed

By August 18, 2015 Recent News, Research

Citizen Magazine
As more states look at loosening laws on the sale and use of marijuana, Colorado is offering a disturbing preview of what may be in store for them.

Colorado OK’d the use of medical marijuana in 2000, as 23 others have over the last several years.

But in 2013, it, along with Washington state, took the unprecedented step of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana—and catastrophic calls have been on the rise ever since.

There has been a sharp increase in pot-related calls to poison control; seizures have quadrupled; two deaths so far are attributed to marijuana overdoses; neighboring states are experiencing a surge in pot use; and advertising through every available medium blankets the Centennial State, desensitizing people to the risks.

Perhaps most troubling, the drug is infiltrating Colorado schools, which now have lists of young people waiting to get help. Teens who use pot face nearly twice the risk of addiction as adult users,  and juvenile usage increases the brain damage associated with the drug.