Surprise find in dope study

By November 20, 2015 Recent News

NZ Herald 20 November 2015
Smoking cannabis during pregnancy produces infants who score better on one measure of brain development, according to a study of New Zealand children.

Drinking alcohol, however, led to worse scores – and when both drugs were used, they cancelled each other out.

But the optometry and psychology researchers who did the study warn that women should not self-medicate on the strength of their findings because cannabis use in pregnancy is also known to lead to poor outcomes on other measures of brain development,

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In the study, 165 children aged 4 watched multiple moving dots on a computer screen and were asked to state the main direction in which they were moving. It is a measure of visual discrimination in the brain called global motion perception.

Arijit Chakraborty of the University of Auckland likened the test to identifying a single moving car at a busy intersection.

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