Sandwich gang president sorry about smoking cannabis

By December 11, 2015 Recent News

Stuff 10 December 2015
Ngaruawahia’s sandwich gang boss is asking for forgiveness from the children and the schools he serves after being caught with cannabis.

Tribal Huk president Jamie Pink appeared at the Hamilton District Court on Thursday charged with one count of marijuana possession after police searched his property after smelling cannabis.

Pink and his Tribal Huks gang have been making sandwiches to feed hungry children in schools around the Waikato for four years.

He is embarrassed by what happened and vows to give up marijuana for the kids.

“Firstly, to the kids: smoking dope is not a good thing to do. You don’t want to be doing that – no excuses. No matter what, you don’t want to be doing that at all. I apologise for doing such a silly thing. I’m sorry,” Pink said.

“To the principals, families and teachers: please don’t lose faith in what we do. What we do is really important and it’s only going to grow. It was a silly thing to do.”

Pink said he had cannabis for personal use and money used to feed the children is not raised through selling drugs.

“No, definitely not. I had the odd puff now and then. Because we’ve got to set an example, I will stop doing that because what we do is a lot more important,” Pink said.

“Drugs have nothing to do with the sandwiches.”

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Banapa Avatea, principal of Huntly West School, which is supplied with sandwiches by the Tribal Huks, didn’t know about the charge and needed time to reflect on it.

“The Tribal Huks and Jamie Pink have been very active in supporting our school and supporting our students,” he said.

In court it was revealed that on December 2, police went to Pink’s house in Hamilton East while making inquiries on an unrelated matter.

Pink answered the door and the police officers smelled marijuana coming from inside the house.

The two officers conducted a search and found a cannabis tinnie on the coffee table in the lounge. Pink quickly handed over three cannabis buds.

The officers then found more cannabis and a bong in a bedroom.

Pink told them that he used cannabis to relax in the evening.

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