EDITORIAL: Time for legislators, regulators, governor to address legal marijuana

By December 22, 2015 Recent News

The Gazette 20 December 2015
Colorado’s world-renowned venture into commercialized marijuana has failed to deliver what voters were promised: an industry regulated like alcohol.

In 2016, the Colorado Legislature and Gov. John Hickenlooper should try to give voters what they were promised.

Throughout 2015, a Gazette series titled “Clearing the Haze” has revealed a discrepancy between public perceptions of the drug, driven by corporate messaging developed by the industry, and truths revealed by the world’s body of reputable medical science and public records. State government, we have found, fails to ask hard questions about marijuana and the problems and costs it imposes on the public, and there is scant tracking of outcomes other than gross revenues. Amendment 64, which legalized pot, was drafted with the aid of marijuana-industry lawyers. Critics believe it puts industry interests ahead of public health, safety and quality of life. The following are ideas and recommendations for improvements.

Provide a more accurate look at marijuana’s impact on Colorado and the nation
Law enforcement officials, educators and health care providers at publicly funded institutions, and employees of several state agencies, have reported to The Gazette’s editorial board that state government has provided no adequate funding or guidance for marijuana data collection and its standardization.

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