Medical cannabis worthwhile as a palliative but not a treatment, report suggests

By January 19, 2016 Recent News

NZ Herald 16 January 2016
Medical cannabis helped ease the suffering of a terminally ill teenager but did nothing to treat his epilepsy, a medical report says.

The 10-page review is being cited by campaigners for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis as further proof as to why there should be a referendum on the issue at the next election.

The report discusses the treatment of Alex Renton, 19, who suffered from “status epilepticus”, a kind of prolonged seizure, and was the first person in New Zealand to receive medicinal cannabis in hospital.

His family campaigned to have medicinal cannabis used in his treatment after his seizure in April. His mother, Rose, secretly administered Elixinol, a cannabidiol (CBD) product from the United States called, to her son when no one was around.

In June, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne approved the one-off use of the treatment. Alex died on July 1.

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