ACT’s call for drug prohibition debate rejected

By March 3, 2016 Recent News

Newstalk ZB 2 March 2016
Family First Comment: Yet another flawed idea coming from the current ACT party. Perhaps we should decriminalise burglary also – the gangs make money from that too.

The Minister of Police is knocking back an ACT party call for a debate around the prohibition of drugs.

ACT’s Leader David Seymour said prohibition is helping generate drug revenue for gangs and if the market was stopped, gangs would be de-funded.

He wants to open up the conversation about what prohibition has done to support gangs.

“We should be moving towards greater awareness of what some of the side effects of prohibition are and one of them is that it provides a source of revenue for gangs.”

Mr Seymour said if the Government’s serious, it should be looking at gangs’ revenue streams. He said their specialisation is circumventing the prohibition of illegal drugs.