NZ could be medicinal cannabis pioneer

By March 12, 2016 Recent News

NZ Herald 12 March 2016
This week, the late Sir Paul Holmes became the latest high-profile New Zealander reported to have used cannabis for medicinal reasons, only a week after stories of Martin Crowe self-medicating with cannabis were released.

Close family and friends reported that they both used the drug during the final stages of their cancer battles to help relieve pain.

Both men are incredible New Zealand leaders in their own right, and yet both chose to carry out illegal acts risking penalties ranging from a $500 fine for possession to a two to 14-year jail term for its growth, cultivation, supply or manufacture.

As a daughter who has watched her own father lose his painful battle with cancer, I am empathetic to families who try to access cannabis products illegally. I’ll never forget the helplessness and desperation when the prescribed painkillers stopped working and all I wanted to do was try anything that might bring relief the person I loved.

I’m hoping change for affected families and patients is coming. Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has announced the guidelines for considering applications of cannabis for medical purposes will be reviewed.