Perfect example of reason for keeping current status of marijuana

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Head of cannabis growing family Joseph Mason Tobin goes to jail
Stuff 16 March 2016
Family First Comment: A perfect example of
1. Why marijuana should remain a crime
2. The link between marijuana and other drugs
3. The dangers of unregulated medicinal marijuana

The head of a family involved in growing thousands of dollars worth of cannabis around Wellington has been jailed.

Joseph Mason Tobin was sentenced to five and a half years jail on Wednesday.

He follows his son into prison, Mason Tobin, who already received three and a half years after a huge police operation found cannabis being grown at several houses.

At the end of Operation Hive in 2013 police searched several properties in Conclusion St and Desert Gold St in Porirua, one in Mornington and one in Upper Hutt.

They found cannabis growing at each property.

Joseph Tobin also sold and offered to sell cannabis from the grow houses. He also had 10 grams of methamphetamine for sale for a total of $10,000. He had pleaded guilty to 12 charges of supplying methamphetamine, 19 charges of offering to supply it, one of possession of methamphetamine, five of cultivating cannabis, three of selling cannabis, seven of offering it for sale, one of possession of cannabis for sale and one of unlawful possession of a firearm. The judge said Joseph Tobin acknowledged that he received a profit from his drug dealing. He called him the key player who was deeply involved in growing and dealing cannabis and with methamphetamine.

….Joseph Tobin’s lawyer Simon Hewson said he suffered an initial back injury and needed time off work. When the injury recurred, he was then in and out of hospital and became vulnerable to being involved with drugs for self-medicating.

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