Second-hand smoke exposure numbers halve

By April 1, 2016 Recent News

NewsHub 1 April 2016
Family First Comment: But wait until they legalise marijuana. Then we’re back to step 1 again. #ironic

Exposure to second-hand smoke in Kiwi homes has almost halved in a seven-year period, a study has found.

Massey University research examined the effects of second-hand smoke exposure for children and non-smoking adults in New Zealand homes.

It found that in 2012-13, about 150,000 non-smoking adults and children were exposed, down almost half from 2006-07.

Maori exposure rates also dropped, but remained higher than the general figures.

Exposure to second-hand smoke caused about 104 deaths in 2010, with the majority of deaths being heart disease and strokes among adults and sudden unexplained deaths among children.

The research was published in the New Zealand Medical Journal on Friday.

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