Less than half of NZ’ers support decriminalising dope

By April 6, 2016 Recent News

Radio NZ / UMR 30 Mar 2016
The research company, UMR, polled 1750 people between January and February. Of those polled, 72 percent said they would support a medical marijuana regime, with 13 percent opposed and 15 percent not sure. Support was spread evenly across all demographics, including age, gender, and even political party support, with only a slight dip to 65 percent among National voters.

UMR executive director Stephen Mills said it was unusual for a poll question to deliver such a decisive result. “I would guess that people would just see it as an utter no-brainer, that if people were in considerable pain or worse and marijuana can provide some relief then they should be allowed to use it. I think it’s just a straight, sympathetic human response to the situation.” (NOTE THE COMPLETE LACK OF INDEPENDENCE)

Mr Mills said respondents’ views on legalising marijuana for personal recreational use were evenly split.

marijuana poll UMR 2016

marijuana poll UMR 2016 medicinal

marijuana poll UMR 2016 personal use