Principal of top college sends message to parents: ‘Stop toking near kids’

By July 17, 2016 Recent News

NZ Herald 17 July 2016
The principal of one of Auckland’s top colleges says schools are struggling to keep drugs outside the gates – and has urged parents not to smoke cannabis in front of their children.

Russell Brooke, head of decile 10 Long Bay College on the North Shore, issued the warning to parents in a school newsletter before the start of the school holidays.

He said he wanted to “raise a concern, as a fellow parent and as a principal”.

“Marijuana has become so freely available in society that the schools are struggling to keep it outside the gates,” he wrote.

“As you can imagine, it isn’t a topic schools like to raise with their community. However times are changing, societal attitudes to dope are relaxing, with many adults smoking it freely in front of children.”

He urged parents to be “ever vigilant” and not to make “the common mistake of assuming ‘not my child’.”
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