Lame Excuse: Only growing cannabis for university fees, Officer

By September 29, 2016 Recent News

Man says he was only growing enough cannabis to pay for science degree
Stuff 28 September 2016
Family First Comment: This will be the new norm if we go ‘soft’ on dope laws

A man with a sophisticated cannabis-growing operation capable of earning $100,000 a year claimed he was preparing for when cannabis was legalised and that he only wanted to earn enough to study science at university.

Hanno Samper’s growing operation at Kereru, about 30 kilometres west of Hastings, was searched by police in February. They discovered a sophisticated growing operation with 146 plants grown indoors and outside, and a purpose-built area for the production of cannabis oil.

Police estimated that the 26-year-old retirement home chef was capable of making $101,000 to $114,000 a year out of the operation, which Samper admitted was in its third year.

Samper pleaded guilty to charges of cultivating cannabis, producing cannabis oil and selling cannabis and was sentenced in Hastings District Court on Wednesday.

Lawyer Bill Calver said Samper had only intended to grow one cycle of crop this year and wanted only around $15-$20,000 in order to pay for a bachelor of science degree at Massey University.

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