P war: Police warn of ‘second wave’ of methamphetamine hitting New Zealand

By October 6, 2016 Recent News

NZ Herald 6 October 2016
Family First Comment: Wait for the Drug Foundation to start saying “the war on P hasn’t worked – let’s legalise it”! As per dope.

New Zealand is facing a “second wave” of a dangerous methamphetamine problem as the illicit drug becomes cheaper and more readily available.

Police Association president Greg O’Connor said despite several big drug busts in recent months, anecdotal evidence from front line officers suggested the country now had a greater problem with the drug than ever before.

“I’ve done a tour throughout the country speaking to police officers from North Cape to Bluff and to sum it up, it’s all about P.

“Methamphetamine is, in many places, easier to get hold of than cannabis. Police officers’ informants are telling them that they go around trying to score cannabis and they can’t get it – but people are offering them P.”

Police announced yesterday they had seized $17 million worth of the drug following a seven-month investigation. And in June almost $500 million worth of meth was discovered in Kaitaia – the biggest P haul in New Zealand history.
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