Disgruntled Hamilton pot smoker calls cops when drugs don’t arrive

By January 19, 2017 Recent News

Stuff co.nz 18 January 2017
Family First Comment: This is what happens when you smoke dope 😄

A cannabis smoker was so angry her alleged drug dealer failed to deliver that she called police.

But the long arm of the law could yet catch up with both the dissatisfied customer and supplier with police saying even though no pot changed hands it’s still illegal to try to buy it.

Hamilton woman Betty Tamihana claims she paid $40 for what a dealer claimed was an ounce of marijuana he was selling for $60 – a fraction of the usual price.

But like most deals that seem too good to be true, Tamihana never saw the weed, or her money back and complained both to police and on a Facebook page that boasts 40,000 members.

The bizarre case highlights how large numbers of people are buying and selling drugs via social media and police are increasingly having to monitor them.

But in this case the user came straight to them.

Tamihana told Stuff she smokes cannabis to medicate her anxiety and the drama unfolded when she approached a man she had purchased from before, to buy cannabis a second time.
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