Dunne feared for family safety from dope campaigners

By February 15, 2017 Recent News

Peter Dunne feared for his and his family’s safety and may have broken the law allowing medicinal cannabis to be imported
Stuff co.nz 13 February 2017
Family First Comment: We can relate to this type of vitriol in this debate. We get it as well. There is a nasty element amongst the dope campaigners – perhaps they’ve smoked it too much, which proves our point really! #saynopetodope

Peter Dunne has revealed the government might have broken the law when they approved medicinal cannabis for a Nelson teenager two years ago.

This comes at the same time the associate health minister says he’s feared for his and his family’s safety while those wanting cannabis to be legalised have taken their anger with the country’s laws out on him.

In 2015 Dunne gave ministerial sign-off to the family of Nelson teenager, Alex Renton, to import Elixinol from the United States.

While there’s a loophole in New Zealand’s law that allows people to bring back 30 days worth of a prescribed drug from overseas – the law only applies to those drugs approved under federal, not state law, because border control is covered by federal law.

Elixinol isn’t legal under federal law, so while Kiwis can pick up a prescription in places such as Colorado and California, taking it out of the country is illegal.

“It raises the possibility, and I can’t say this absolutely, but I suspect on that basis that what we did in the Renton case was probably illegal, because he sourced Elixinol out of the US,” Dunne said.
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