Maurice O’Brien: Record increase of Meth interceptions

By March 1, 2017 Recent News

NewsTalk ZB 28 February 2017
Family First Comment: Always the common links…
“MDMA, cannabis and LSD were among the most common things nabbed.”

Border staff nabbed 20 times more meth last year than they did just a few years earlier.

Customs intercepted a record amount of P; more than 400-kilograms of it.

Staff say it kept 1.2 billion dollars worth of the drug off the street.

But it’s not just methamphetamine that’s a problem… in all, 1.8 tonnes and 51 litres of drugs and pre-cursors were seized.

MDMA, cannabis and LSD were among the most common things nabbed.

Spokesman Bruce Berry said there’s no easy answer.

“There’s not a one silver bullet that’s going to stop this problem. There needs to be a range of initiatives and I really applaud the government’s approach to looking at both ends of the spectrum, stopping people getting into it, stopping it at the border and also dealing with the effects of addiction.”

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