Verity Johnson: Don’t shame me because I’ve never smoked weed

By March 8, 2017 Recent News

NewsHub 8 March 2017
Family First Comment: Nice!    

OPINION: It’s not shocking to say you smoke weed. Certainly not in New Zealand, where we are among the countries that smoke the most dope in the world.

What’s more surprising is saying you’ve never smoked weed. Not once, not ever.

My marijuana virginity is not something I like to tell people about. It’s like admitting you still have a weakness for collecting Beanie Babies – it’s something only your mum would find cute.  So I tend not to throw it around much.

That’s not to say that I don’t know people who do. Most of my boyfriends have smoked it, most of my friends have, and many of the people I work with have. So it’s not like I’ve never been around it.

The few people I have told about my ‘green’ drug history tend to be very interested.

“You don’t smoke dope?” they say, with the hesitant curiosity you’d afford someone with eight toes. “Why not? When you’ve been around it so much, aren’t you curious?”

The implication is that because I’m like young and like hip then I’ve smoked weed. The second implication is, my God, what kind of sad sack doesn’t even smoke dope? Even Barack Obama has.