Watch: Cancer survivor asks English and Ardern if they’d consider legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes

By September 1, 2017 Recent News

TVNZ One News 31 August 2017
Cancer survivor Liz Morris asked the leader’s whether they would relax laws to allow those suffering access to medical marijuana for personal use during the first TVNZ Leaders Debate.

The two answers laid out a stark difference between the party’s stances on the issue.

“I don’t need 30 seconds Mike, the answer is absolutely yes,” Ms Ardern said.

Mr English replied saying: “We think to make cannabinoid products more widely available they still need to go through a proper clinical process so that we can guarantee the safety of the product for people”.

“That’s been liberalised in the last couple of years and we’re willing to take that further, as long as the clinical effectiveness and safety of the drug is proved.”

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