Drug advocates hide behind campaign of medicinal marijuana

By September 4, 2017 Recent News

Medical cannabis advocates march through Auckland
NZ Herald 2 September 2017
Family First Comment: NORML are using medicinal marijuana as a smokescreen for full legalisation of dope. Beware of their deceptive campaign. http://www.saynopetodope.nz

Advocates for the legalisation of medical cannabis marched through the rainy streets of Auckland today.

The issue is hot on the political agenda with the general election just three weeks away.

It is the fifth such rally, organised by the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and the Auckland Patients Group, with protesters marching along Queen St calling for patients, caregivers and supporters to have safe, legal access to natural affordable cannabis.

The Government recently announced it would remove restrictions around the non-psychoactive cannabis derivative cannabidiol, but the protesters say this doesn’t go far enough.

“Patients need easy, safe and affordable access to natural medical cannabis,” NORML spokesman Chris Fowlie said.

“These are steps in the right direction, but it’s a herb anyone could grow at home.”

Auckland Patients Group leader Pearl Schomburg called on Police Commissioner Mike Bush to introduce a moratorium for medicinal cannabis for patients and their supporters “until the unjust laws upholding cannabis prohibition are altered to reflect good science, medical studies and the will of the people as shown by numerous current polls”.
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