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By September 6, 2017 Recent News

TVNZ One News 5 September 2017
Family First Comment: Contrary to the ‘claims’ of the Drug Foundation and NORML

Kiwis are split down the middle when it comes to legalising marijuana for personal use, the latest Vote Compass statistics have shown.

From 101,000 people sampled, 42 per cent were in favour of legalisation, narrowly ahead of 41 per cent against.

Seventeen per cent were neutral on the idea, while left-leaning voters, students and Maori more likely to agree with legalisation.

Currently, only TOP and the Green Party have policies to fully legalise cannabis, with Labour, NZ First and the Maori Party on the fence.

National and ACT are against the idea.marijuana poll 2017 vote compass

Senior Research Fellow at AUT University Dr Lisa Chant said the results reflected the political split of the country, with a variety “of different ways” available to look at the results.

Younger people came through as the strongest supporters of personal legalisation, with over half (53 per cent) in support. The 30-39 age group weren’t far behind on 50 per cent support.

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