Taranaki woman wins 12-month fight to be given medicinal cannabis

By October 16, 2017 Recent News

Stuff co.nz 13 October 2017
A Taranaki woman with multiple sclerosis has won a year-long battle to become one of the first people in New Zealand to be allowed to ease her pain with different varieties of medicinal cannabis (MC).

Helen Old found out this week that she had got the green light to source MC from Canada after a lengthy fight to get her application before the Ministry of Health.

Peter said the couple had never considered smoking cannabis as an option to treat Helen’s pain but he encouraged the government to open its eyes to the developments in MC and its use overseas.

“We don’t believe that smoking marijuana does any good for anybody and it wasn’t until we started investigating alternatives and found out there was medicinal cannabis that was being produced by reputable companies and being approved by governments.

“It’s being kept under wraps, you don’t know about it until you look for it.”

He said the Australian government was growing its own cannabis and planned to process it and make it available to the public within 12 months.

“In New Zealand we’ve got the best growing conditions in the world, this is what I’ve been told. Why the hell aren’t they growing it under licence and processing it here for people like Helen? The government would make money out of it, it would be self funding.”

Peter said the couple hoped to receive their first shipment of MC by January and they believed Helen, who used to take eight different medications a day but has dropped to six thanks to the illegal trial she is involved in, would then be able to further reduce the amount.

“We think, once she starts on the medicinal cannabis four of those medications could be dropped, two have gone already and there could well be another two more.

“The saving alone for that per month would be the equivalent of getting the medicinal cannabis.”
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