Auckland’s growing cocaine problem

By December 1, 2017 Recent News

Wastewater drug testing shows cocaine on the rise in Auckland, high meth use in Whangarei
Stuff 28 November 2017
Family First Comment: But the Drug Foundation wants to decriminalise drugs like these – and P !!

Cocaine use is increasing in Auckland, according to new figures from a Police wastewater drug testing initiative.Wastewater testing in Christchurch and Auckland began in December 2016, with testing in Whangarei starting in August this year.

The results showed a rise in cocaine detected in Auckland, from 36 grams per week in June 2017, to 95 grams per week this month.

They also revealed a “high incidence of methamphetamine” in Whangarei.

When people consume drugs, they are processed by the body into other compounds, known as metabolites.

The metabolites are excreted and make their way into the wastewater system.

The report from the National Drug Intelligence Bureau, a joint operation of customs, health and police, showed the concentration of illegal drug metabolites found in each city.
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