Answering Your Questions on Medicinal Marijuana – A Briefing Paper For Families

By December 20, 2017 Media Release

The Labour-led government is focusing on the ‘medicinal marijuana’ issue, with the intention of medicinal cannabis being more available to people with terminal illness or chronic pain, and allowing for the personal cultivation and use of the cannabis plant. Our MPs will also be voting on a private members bill early next year from the Greens which, while disguised as ‘medicinal marijuana’, is effectively a subtle legalisation of marijuana – a grow-your-own-dope bill with very little control or safeguards. Even the media has labelled it as such.

To help you get your head around this debate, we’ve produced a 6-page Briefing Paper.

* What does the research show?
* What’s the ultimate goal for medicinal marijuana campaigners?
* What about people who need marijuana for seizures?
* Is there a responsible way to deal with marijuana use
* What’s wrong with legalising a natural plant?
* What do the medical professional groups say?

It’s vital that families fully understand the opportunities but also the risks with this agenda, and especially what the ultimate goal is for many groups pushing this issue. Please take the time to read this important resource.