Medicinal cannabis bill will send ‘clear signal’ to police

By December 21, 2017 Recent News

Radio NZ News 21 December 2017
Some medicinal cannabis users say they can see hope but no material changes for them in the government’s proposed legislation.

The Misuse of Drugs amendment Bill tabled yesterday sets up a regulated domestic cannabis industry, makes it easier to access medical marijuana products and lets the terminally ill use illicit cannabis.

But those who still have to live in pain say it’s a disappointment.

Pearl Schomburg has been using cannabis to manage her pain for the past two years.

She suffers from inflammatory pain, PTSD and nausea, but access to her chosen medicine won’t be any easier under the planned law change.

“There’s nothing in it for me today except hope that this is just the beginning.

“There’s a lot of disappointed people in the community, some of them are quite angry as well because they feel like they’ve been quite let down by Jacinda [Ardern].

“I’m a glass half full person and I see this as the first step in the real fight.”

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