Helen Clark backs festival drug-testing and injecting rooms

By March 23, 2018 Recent News

NZ Herald 22 March 2018
Family First Comment: Backs “injecting rooms”!!!!??
And apparently this is a “health” approach.

Former prime minister Helen Clark is backing injecting rooms and testing at festivals to prevent drug deaths.

“I am of the view that the best drug policy will be where we decriminalise use and possession and put in place effective legal regulation,” she said today.

But decriminalisation should be accompanied by state-of-the-art harm-reduction
measures such as New Zealand’s needle-exchange scheme.

“It also includes safe injecting spaces and that goes together with drug-testing so that people aren’t ingesting things or injecting substances which are going to kill them.”

Drug-testing at music festivals is also very important because they are places where a lot of drugs tend to be traded. There’s a little bit of that done in New Zealand. This is the way to go. How do we save life and how to we give people options about how they can move forward,” she said.

Clark did not believe such moves would green-light drug use.
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Injecting drugs can lead to HIV, Hepatitis C, addiction, ligament amputation, substance abuse disorders, withdrawal, and death. These consequences are painful for loved ones, and the person using the drug. Though some drugs can be used by smoking and snorting, injection is the fastest way to get the effects of the drug is into the bloodstream. 12 million people inject drugs worldwide, some continue living with addiction and can die, but some choose the easier route, and seek treatment.