NOPE! Govt asked to widen marijuana bill

By April 5, 2018 Recent News

Government asked to widen marijuana bill by New Zealand Drug Foundation
Stuff 5 April 2018
Family First Comment: Yes we should heed the warnings of pharmacists and medical professionals – well before the agenda of Helen Clark and the Drug Foundation!!

The New Zealand Drug Foundation is asking the Government to widen their proposed medicinal marijuana bill.

Drug Foundation head Ross Bell told the Health Select Committee, who are considering the bill, to widen the provisions of the bill.

As it stands the Government bill provides a legal defence for anyone who uses marijuana who has twelve months or less to live.

Graeme Smith from the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand said pharmacists were concerned about the law change.

“We are very concerned about quality and safety,” Smith said.

“We’re concerned that is this bill passes there will be pressure for treatment creep into other areas.”

He said while the bill would make the system more equitable the black market marijuana could not yet be said to be safe or of medical quality.

The research he had seen on cannabis showed that roughly 30 per cent of regular users developed characteristics consistent with “cannabis use disorder” – a recognised diagnosis related to craving and psychosocial issues.

The bill passed its first reading with unanimous support.
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