Drug Foundation Tips On P Disturbing – For All Ages

By May 2, 2018 Media Release

Media Release 2 May 2018
Family First says that Drug Foundation advice on methamphetamine use is not only foolish and illegal but is inappropriate at all levels and for all ages – not just school students. They are calling on the government to review the Foundation’s taxpayer funding and its effectiveness in reducing drug use.

“The material which has rightly upset parents from the drughelp.org.nz site is also on the Drug Foundation’s website. The Drug Foundation benefits from thousands of dollars from the taxpayer each year. Yet in the last few years, problems with meth use have massively increased. When children see ‘advice on how to use a drug’, there is an implied approval of the activity,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

Children who have experienced this programme will be wondering why they are being taught to take drugs. The Drug Foundation is also lobbying strongly for the decriminalisation of drugs such as P. Parents are right to reject this material anywhere near their children.”

Information on the Drug Foundation’s own site says:

  • Use soap and water or alcohol swabs to clean your hands before using. Use your own mouthpiece or pipe to reduce risk of infections.
  • Use a shatterproof Pyrex pipe… Avoid using broken or cracked pipes.
  • Mixing drugs is always risky because it is hard to predict how one drug will affect another in your system. See our Drug interactions section for more about the effects of mixing meth with other drugs.
  • Take extra care to practice safe sex because meth may increase your sexual desire while decreasing your ability to make good judgements.
  • Large doses or a strong batch of meth may result in overdose. Overdose can be fatal.


  • You may be experiencing substance use disorder if you are… using more meth than you want to
    (our emphasis added)

The material which parents have objected to in schools says that “most of the harm comes not from meth itself but from the stupid stuff people do, or don’t do, when they’re on meth.”

Other disturbing statements include:

  • You can’t sleep on meth; if you want to sleep later don’t use it after 3pm.
  • Swallowing meth allows your body to use its own filters. It saves your lungs from damage, produces a smoother and longer lasting high, and you’re less likely to use more.
  • Meth is illegal. It’s also illegal to own a pipe. Be discreet and only keep less than 5 grams for personal use.

“As the country faces the horrors of a meth epidemic, the messages of the Drug Foundation should be rejected. As the police acknowledge, illicit drugs cause significant harm, not only for the person using it, but for their families, friends and communities, and it is also a driver of other crimes, including violent crime and dishonesty crime.”