Drug Foundation applauds Massey High School for providing material on using meth ‘discreetly’

By May 3, 2018 Recent News

NZ Herald 2 May 2018
Family First Comment: Disturbing
“the material can also be found online and is part of ‘Drug Help’, specifically here, a NZ Drug Foundation programme that is fully funded by the Ministry of Health.”
Remember that the Drug Foundation wants decriminalisation of all drugs including P

The principal of a high school under scrutiny for providing information on how to use meth is standing by the material as a “very good” educational resource.

Massey High School principal Glen Denham addressed criticism on Newstalk ZB tonight after it emerged that the “information notice” was made available to Level 3 health students as part of a wider project on drug use in New Zealand.

The material, which can also be found on a website called drughelp.org.nz, features 10 “keeping well” tips for using meth.

“When taking meth eat something every 4 to 5 hours, drink more water than normal,” it says.”

If using a glass pipe, clean the inside regularly to remove butt residue which could be inhaled.”

The final tip and most shocking reads: “meth is illegal, it’s also illegal to own a pipe. Be discrete (sic) and only keep 5 grams for personal use.”

The Ministry of Health funds the New Zealand Drug Foundation to run the DrugHelp website (including MethHelp) as a source of information about the risks of methamphetamine and where to get help.
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‘I’m not going to apologise’ – Drug Foundation boss says meth advice pamphlet given to Massey High students acknowledges realities
TVNZ One News 3 May 2018
The head of the New Zealand Drug Foundation says a pamphlet given to high school students instructing them on safe methods to use methamphetamine was simply acknowledging realities.

A concerned Massey High School parent shared two photos to Facebook taken from Drug Help’s MethHelp handbook provided to Year 13 Health students as a resource to help with research for an assignment.

The MethHelp Handbook, which can also be found on the New Zealand Drug Foundation’s Drug Help website, a programme funded by the Ministry of Health, features two pages showing “10 ways to keep well if using meth”.
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Schools would be ‘ignorant’ not to teach drug-use safety – Massey High School principal
NewsHub 3 May 2018
The principal of Massey High School says we’d be ignorant not to educate children on meth use, after a pamphlet outlining how to use it safely was given to students.

But the director of drug education group MethCon says suggesting there’s a safe way to use the drug is ridiculous, comparing it to “telling someone who has shot someone to wipe their prints off the gun”.

The pamphlet, published by drugfree.org, suggested keeping less than five grams of meth for personal use to avoid being prosecuted, and advised that swallowing meth is safer than injecting it. It also provided tips about eating regularly and keeping hydrated while under the influence of meth.

But managing director of MethCon Dale Kirk has slammed the New Zealand Drug Foundation for distributing the pamphlets in the first place.

“As a parent or a taxpayer, are you happy that your taxpayer money is being used to fund this material? I know I’m not. And certainly as a parent I’m not either.

“Methamphetamine… it’s a completely different monster. It’s by far the most addictive drug and you can’t use the drug safely.”That’s the equivalent of telling someone who has shot someone to wipe their prints off the gun.”
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Parent rejects school’s meth pamphlet explanation
Radio NZ News 3 May 2018
An Auckland parent is still unhappy about a school’s use of a pamphlet explaining how to use meth, despite explanations of how the material was used.

Massey High School has been under fire for giving senior students a booklet including safety notes provided by the Drug Foundation for users of meth as part of an assignment.

Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell told Morning Report the information taught senior students about harm reduction.

“It could well be that 17- and 18-year-olds in New Zealand are living in households where their parents are using,” he said.

He said it was not condoning the use of meth and was not likely to encourage it.

“Particularly when the booklet also talks about the significant chaos that meth can cause, and how to look after yourself and how to look after your loved one,” he said.
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