Meth too addictive for harm minimisation approach, says drug educator Dale Kirk

By May 3, 2018 Recent News

Stuff 3 May 2018
Family First Comment: “I think that unfortunately we have information out there that potentially could be harmful. I think it’s the wrong message. Our message and work in the community is around the Not Even Once message,” he said. Methcon worked with businesses, high schools and in the community.”
Sounds like a far better option for schools than the Drug Foundation!

The harm minimisation approach to drugs taken in material given to senior students at Massey High School doesn’t work with methamphetamine, drug educator and former drug squad detective Dale Kirk says.

A booklet provided to a Year 13 health class at Massey included advice on how to take care of a meth-smoking pipe and to never be caught with more than 5 grams of meth – the threshold to be classified a dealer.

“Meth is illegal. It’s also illegal to own a pipe. Be discrete [sic] and only keep less than 5 grams for personal use,” the pamphlet said.

The pamphlet also advised on ways to hide meth use and advised that swallowing meth was safer than injecting. “It saves your lungs from damage, produces a smoother and longer lasting high, and you’re less likely to use more.”

Family First put out a statement about the information provided to Massey students, saying the advice was foolish and inappropriate.

It called on the Government to review taxpayer funding for the NZ Drug Foundation. Massey has said the material provided to its students could be found as part of a foundation programme, which was fully funded by the Ministry of Health.

Why is public paying for kids to learn how to use meth?
NewsTalk ZB 3 May 2018 
An anti-drug group says the public shouldn’t be funding pamphlets on how to safely use methamphetamine.

New Zealand’s approach to drug education’s been thrust into the spotlight, after some Massey High School students were given a “harm minimisation” document as part of a health study.

The leaflet includes information on how to clean meth pipes, and recommends users never carry more than five grams of the drug.

Methcon managing director Dale Kirk told Mike Hosking it is beyond belief.

“If you’re a parent you have got to ask yourself are you happy this information a. is being presented at school and b. that your tax payer money is funding it.”