Man jailed for poisoning workmates with marijuana ‘space cake’

By July 25, 2018 Recent News

Stuff 25 July 2018
A man has received jail time for poisoning work colleagues with a marijuana-laced cake.

Graham Jones, 58, was sentenced at North Shore District Court on Tuesday to a total of 22 months in prison for his December 13 cook-up, which ultimately blew the lid on the cannabis-growing operation in his backyard.

Nine of his colleagues were admitted to hospital as a result of contaminated cake, one of whom believed they were having a heart attack as a result of eating it.

The sentence, delivered by Judge Nevin Dawson, included the poisoning of colleagues, cultivation of cannabis and unauthorised possession of firearms found on Jones’ property following the event.

Jones, who confessed to being a long-term marijuana user, said he had grown the plant only for personal use prior to the December incident.
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