How liberal is Simon Bridges really?

By November 19, 2018 Recent News

NewsHub 19 November 2018
Family First Comment:  If being ‘conservative’ means being against drugs and for life, then be 100% ‘conservative’, Simon.

On Monday morning AM Show host Duncan Garner quizzed the 42-year-old on a few thorny topics currently before Parliament.

The Government is expected to hold a referendum on the recreational use of cannabis by, or at, the 2020 election. The exact question is yet to be decided, let alone what form a Bill would take.

Mr Bridges says he’s unlikely to vote in favour of legalising recreational use of marijuana.

“I’ve done the trials, I’ve seen the eastern Bay of Plenty, I’ve seen Northland, I do see the harm that is there. I do think also there is a very clear link to mental health issues, which we rightly worry so much about today.”