Meet the New Face of Big Tobacco.

Same corporates. Same objectives. Same addiction. New product.

Vote No to Legalising Marijuana

We’ve been sucked in once. Remember Big Tobacco? And today we are paying the price. We are rightly booting Big Tobacco out of the country, so why are we putting down the welcome mat for Big Marijuana?

We’re Speaking Up In The Public Debate

It’s time that some of the myths and sound bites pushed by pro-drug groups are challenged with the facts and credible research. Read our Media Releases which have the common theme of opposing any attempt to legalise marijuana in NZ.

Download the 1-2 Page Briefing Sheets

Read the various Briefing Sheets so that you can campaign with us against any attempts to legalise marijuana (and ultimately other drugs, according to pro-marijuana groups) in New Zealand.

Ben Cort (recently in New Zealand)

Watch his popular TedX speech (1.7m+ views!)

Recent News
April 23, 2019

New poll suggests only 18% of Kiwis support recreational cannabis legalisation

TVNZ One News 23 April 2019 Family First Comment: “At a time when NZ mental health system is bursting at seams, don’t legitimise mind-altering product which will simply add social harm?”…
Recent News
April 23, 2019

Marijuana users weigh less, despite the munchies – study

NewsHub 21 April 2019 Family First Comment: Maybe they just smoke weed instead of eating.... “No one should start smoking weed just to lose weight, she warned. There's too many health…
Recent News
April 17, 2019

Paula Bennett: We need to know how legal drugs will be controlled

NZ Herald 17 April 2019 Family First Comment: Thoughtful column from National’s Paula Bennett “The marijuana of tomorrow won't look anything like the marijuana of today. It will be in liquid…
Recent News
April 15, 2019

Massive Increase in Workplace Marijuana Rates in “Legal” States – Study

Media Release: SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) 11 April 2019 Family First Comment: “Lawmakers in states considering legalisation must look at these numbers, consider the risk of future tragic circumstances in…
Recent News
April 3, 2019

Cabinet will write cannabis referendum question, Jacinda Ardern tells Parliament

TVNZ One News 3 April 2019 Family First Comment: “Paula Bennett asked if the Prime Minister thought a cross-party group of backbench MPs (such as Green MPs!!) should be in charge…
Recent News
March 29, 2019

Marijuana Edibles May Pose Special Risks

The New York Times 25 March 2019 Family First Comment: “…Deaths in Colorado that have been definitively attributed to cannabis involved edibles, and those deaths were surprisingly violent. In all three…
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WATCH - Q&A Marijuana debate

Family First's Bob McCoskrie debates Green MP Chloe Swarbrick (Oct 2018)

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