20 Reasons to Vote NO in 2020

Here’s 20 great reasons why you should tick the NO box in the upcoming referendum on legalising cannabis for recreational use. Vote for health, safety, wellbeing of our young people and families. Vote NO.

We’re Speaking Up In The Public Debate

It’s time that some of the myths and sound bites pushed by pro-drug groups are challenged with the facts and credible research. Read our Media Releases which have the common theme of opposing any attempt to legalise marijuana in NZ.

Download the 1-2 Page Briefing Sheets

Read the various Briefing Sheets so that you can campaign with us against any attempts to legalise marijuana (and ultimately other drugs, according to pro-marijuana groups) in New Zealand.


“Lessons From Cannabis Legalisation 2020”, a comprehensive study of the data outcomes in ‘legalised’ marijuana states in the U.S., and recent developments since legalisation in Canada and Uruguay, validated by researchers from institutions such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins University, and using governmental data and the latest peer-reviewed studies. Click on image to DOWNLOAD REPORT

WATCH: Smokescreen

Watch the brand new short documentary "Smokescreen". One of the best docos on this issue we've seen.

WATCH: Jake's story - mental illness, psychotic symptoms, dropping out of university

Jake went to university to study neuroscience and psychology, and ended up getting cannabis-induced psychosis and dropping out.

WATCH: Jo's story - her son's mental illness, psychotic symptoms, suicidal thoughts

Jo has a warning for New Zealand parents based on her own harrowing experience of marijuana legalisation in her home state.

Recent News
September 21, 2020

A Young Lawyer’s Counter Arguments For Why Cannabis Should Not Be Legalised

ERIN SHIN (her nickname) is a lawyer working at a commercial law firm in Auckland. She graduated from the University of Auckland in BA (English/ Politics) and LLB.  She is a member…
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September 21, 2020

New Zealand’s largest ever medicinal cannabis crop gets the go-ahead in Marlborough

TVNZ One News 21 September 2020 A Marlborough medicinal cannabis company has secured a licence to grow New Zealand's largest ever crop. Puro received the license allowing it to commercially…
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September 21, 2020

Marijuana Edibles: A Recipe for Trouble?

Parent Map 1 March 2017 Our additional comment: Be warned, New Zealand “While today’s teens are less likely to use tobacco or drink, youth marijuana use is creeping up. Washington’s most…
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September 20, 2020

Police lay charges relating to cannabis oil production after Invercargill house explosion

Radio NZ News 17 September 2020 Our additional comment: This will become even more common if everyone can legally grow 4 cannabis plants in their backyard. Butane Hash Oil is…
Recent News
September 17, 2020

SAY NOPE TO DOPE: Interview with Bertha K. Madras, PhD (Harvard Medical School)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so7NJkXkcvo&t=56s "This is one of the most visible cases of science denial I’ve seen in decades." Bertha Madras is a Professor of Psychobiology, Department of Psychiatry , Harvard Medical School;…
Recent News
September 17, 2020

ZB cannabis referendum debate: Should we legalise recreational cannabis use?

NewsTalk ZB 16 September 2020 Our additional comment: Superb work by spokesperson Aaron Ironside. (We almost felt sorry for the other side 🙂 ) “Say Nope To Dope spokesman Aaron…
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Vincent's story - As an ex-cannabis user, I'll be voting NO

"As an ex cannabis user, I'll be voting no. I do want this cycle to stop. I don't want my children to have to go through what I had. I don't want my children to be told that cannabis is safe. I want my kids to have every opportunity that I should have got."

Alex Berenson's warning to New Zealand

Alex Berenson is a former New York Times reporter & award-winning novelist. He joined the NYT in 1999, where he covered everything from the drug industry to Hurricane Katrina & served as a correspondent in Iraq. Berenson is the author of “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence”.