Meet the New Face of Big Tobacco.

Same corporates. Same objectives. Same addiction. New product.

Vote No to Legalising Marijuana

We’ve been sucked in once. Remember Big Tobacco? And today we are paying the price. We are rightly booting Big Tobacco out of the country, so why are we putting down the welcome mat for Big Marijuana?

We’re Speaking Up In The Public Debate

It’s time that some of the myths and sound bites pushed by pro-drug groups are challenged with the facts and credible research. Read our Media Releases which have the common theme of opposing any attempt to legalise marijuana in NZ.

Download the 1-2 Page Briefing Sheets

Read the various Briefing Sheets so that you can campaign with us against any attempts to legalise marijuana (and ultimately other drugs, according to pro-marijuana groups) in New Zealand.

What NZ Needs To Understand About The Marijuana Debate

Ben Cort is from Colorado and is the author of "Weed, Inc.: The Truth About the Pot Lobby, THC, and the Commercial Marijuana Industry", released in September 2017. Ben’s Ted-X talk in 2017, What commercialisation is doing to cannabis, has had more than 2 million views!

Recent News
August 22, 2019

2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Marijuana use continues to climb

National Families in Action – The Marijuana Report  20 August 2019 Family First Comment: The latest stats are in “When Colorado and Washington fully legalized marijuana in 2012, 31.5 million Americans…
Recent News
August 22, 2019

Cannabis use among Kiwi high school students has declined, new research finds

TVNZ One News 16 August 2019 Family First Comment: The survey is based on data collected in 2012! A lot has happened since then, with both the government and also…
Recent News
August 19, 2019

Stop delaying saliva tests for drugged drivers, and we can save hundreds of lives

Stuff 15 August 2019 OPINION: One day the court sentenced a known addict to traffic school for a drugged-up three-car writeoff. He killed my mum 40 days later. The circumstances…
Recent News
August 18, 2019

Cannabis poll: Support plummets for legal pot

NZ Herald 17 August 2019 Family First Comment: Superb!! “just 39% of responders to a new survey say they will vote yes. And a growing number of Green Party voters - whose…
Recent News
August 18, 2019

New Zealand cannabis hospitalisations more than double in decade – Ministry of Health

NewsHub 14 August 2019 New Zealand's cannabis-related hospitalisations have more than doubled in the past decade. New statistics, collected by the Ministry of Health, show that in 2008 only 192…
Recent News
August 17, 2019

Mike’s Minute: Three reasons why legalising cannabis is a dopey idea

NewsTalk ZB 14 August 2019 Family First Comment: Once again, Hosking is on the ball… 1. another poll with two-thirds of the construction industry here worried about the effects. 2. they…
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WATCH - Q&A Marijuana debate

Family First's Bob McCoskrie debates Green MP Chloe Swarbrick (Oct 2018)

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