Meet the New Face of Big Tobacco.

Same corporates. Same objectives. Same addiction. New product.

Vote No to Legalising Marijuana

We’ve been sucked in once. Remember Big Tobacco? And today we are paying the price. We are rightly booting Big Tobacco out of the country, so why are we putting down the welcome mat for Big Marijuana?

We’re Speaking Up In The Public Debate

It’s time that some of the myths and sound bites pushed by pro-drug groups are challenged with the facts and credible research. Read our Media Releases which have the common theme of opposing any attempt to legalise marijuana in NZ.

Download the 1-2 Page Briefing Sheets

Read the various Briefing Sheets so that you can campaign with us against any attempts to legalise marijuana (and ultimately other drugs, according to pro-marijuana groups) in New Zealand.

Marijuana Know The Truth

Today’s highly potent marijuana represents a growing and significant threat to public health and safety.

Recent News
June 23, 2019

Bob McCoskrie: Don’t let Kiwis go to pot

Gisborne Herald 23 June 2019 Family First Comment: “The law has an important deterrent effect. Most people don’t want to break the law. It sends an important societal message, similar to…
Recent News
June 22, 2019

Final Push to Legalize Pot Fails in New York

The New York Times 19 June 2019 Family First Comment: “A diverse coalition of law enforcement officials, parent-teacher associations and health professionals celebrated the news of the bill’s failure, calling it…
Recent News
June 22, 2019

Pure Cannabis Cigarettes to be Introduced to Canadian Cannabis Market

CA Finance 12 June 2019 Family First Comment: As predicted, here comes Big Tobacco 2. Same corporates. Same objectives. Same addiction. New product. #VoteNO THC BioMed Intl Ltd. ("THC BioMed", or…
Recent News
June 19, 2019

Cannabis crash victim’s mum lives with horror five years on

NZ Herald 19 June 2019 Family First Comment: Lawyers prosecuting Lewis in 2016 said his decision to take marijuana before getting behind the wheel had "the direct consequence" of taking another…
Recent News
June 18, 2019

Living near marijuana dispensaries makes youth more likely to use it

Los Angeles Times 17 June 2019 Family First Comment: “Our findings suggest that as the marijuana retail outlets become more visible and more numerous, they may influence the way that young…
Recent News
June 17, 2019

Potent pot, vulnerable teens trigger concerns in first states to legalize marijuana

The Washington Post 16 June 2019 Family First Comment: “The first two states to legalize recreational marijuana are starting to grapple with teenagers’ growing use of highly potent pot, even as…
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WATCH - Q&A Marijuana debate

Family First's Bob McCoskrie debates Green MP Chloe Swarbrick (Oct 2018)

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