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Leading expert outlines what we aren’t hearing about marijuana’s health effects

Bertha Madras, 81, a psychobiology professor at Harvard Medical School and one of the foremost experts on marijuana with over 60 years of research experience, warns against the move to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug. She emphasizes the risks associated with marijuana, including addiction potential, cognitive impairment, psychosis, car accidents, and lasting damage to the brain, particularly in young users. Ms Madras highlights the lack of strong evidence for its medicinal benefits and calls for rigorous research instead of legalization. Ms Madras highlights that it is pointless to spend more on addiction treatment and harm reduction whilst weakening laws that act to prevent people from addictions. She expresses concern about the cultural normalization of marijuana and its potential precedent for other drugs. Madras advocates for defending public health against the risks of drug use at all ages. She quotes “This is not a war on drugs. It’s a defence of the human brain at every possible age from in utero to old age.”

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